Proctored Test Requirement

Commencing with the Spring 2014 semester, all tests contributing to a student’s grade must be proctored. Any test that contributes to a student’s grade falls under these new standards regardless of the length of the test, the type of test, or the percentage of the overall grade to which the test contributes, e.g. quizzes, pop tests, exams, final exams, etc.

Tests must be proctored by individuals familiar with the students in a course, or a student’s identity must be confirmed by a qualified proctor by means of a photo ID. Qualified proctors are SON faculty, appointed SON staff, proctors employed at approved, offsite testing centers, or proctoring employees of an approved, third-party, proctoring company, such as ProctorU. Take home tests can no longer be administered unless in the presence of a proctor.

Students are responsible for paying any fees assessed at approved offsite testing centers or by an approved third-party, proctoring company. Most approved offsite testing centers charge a fee for the use of their computer resources and personnel. These fees are set by these centers and can range from $20 per session to $35 per session. These fees are not managed by the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing but are set by the individual locations and are thus subject to their pricing policies and can change. 

The SON is responsible for determining the appropriate number of proctors to insure the integrity of the exam process and meet any external requirements, e.g. Boards, Accreditation Requirements or Certification Examinations.

For information regarding approved testing sites or proctoring companies, contact a member of the CEIR department.