Are scholarships given for financial need only?

Most of the scholarships are awarded based on one or more of the following criteria: Financial need, academic achievement, involvement in nursing organizations, involvement in community services projects, and/or a program in which enrolled (i.e. BSN, RN, MSN, DNP or PhD). Some are based on gender, marital status (e.g. single parent with children), place of employment, and/or county residence (e.g. Fort Bend County).

The School of Nursing Scholarship Committee encourages all students to complete a Scholarship Application form.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Students enrolled in the School of Nursing and in good academic standing (minimum of 2.0 for BSN students, minimum of 3.0 for MSN, DNP, or PhD and “Pass” for PhD students.)

Students must be enrolled at least half-time:

  • BSN level Fall/spring: 6 semester hrs Summer: 5 semester hrs
  • Graduates level Fall/Spring: 5 semester hrs Summer: 3 semester hrs

What scholarships am I eligible to receive?

The University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston Scholarships and Traineeships page lists the eligibility requirements and amounts. The scholarship committee determines which applicant will be eligible for specific scholarships.

More scholarship information can be found on The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Financial Services Grants and Scholarships (open new page).

The application will only be valid for School of Nursing scholarships.

Where do I get a scholarship application?

Download the Scholarship Application Form: (For admitted and currently enrolled students only.)

Scholarship Application (pdf)

What do I need in order to complete the application process?

A Scholarship application (see above) and information from the Program Cost Sheets — Estimated Student Expenses (also available in the Student Affairs Office bookshelf)

Whom do I contact if I need assistance in filling out the application?

Kimberly Sarden (713) 500-2102, or email at

What are the deadlines for submitting scholarship applications?

New Students:

Summer Term Admits: Scholarship Applications are due by May 10th.

You may apply at any time during the year; however, your application must be on file by May 10th for consideration for Summer scholarship awards.

Fall Term Admits: Scholarship Applications are due by August 1st.

You may apply at any time during the year; however, your application must be on file by June 30th for consideration for Fall scholarship awards.

Spring Term Admits: Scholarship Applications are due by January 2nd.

 Note:Your scholarship application will remain on file throughout the duration of your current program.  If, however, a student changes programs or graduate from one program and enters another program, a new scholarship application is required.

How much money is associated with those scholarships?

Each scholarship has different amounts to be awarded. Please refer to The University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston Scholarships and Traineeships page for amounts awarded.

How do I know if I am chosen to receive a scholarship?

Scholarship recipients will be notified in writing. 

What about outside scholarships?

When the Student Affairs Office (SAO) receives information about an outside scholarship, an email will be sent out to the students regarding its availability, criteria, amount, deadline, and contact information.

When will I get my scholarship money?

Once notified, scholarship recipients will be able to obtain their monies via direct deposit from the Bursar's Office. Students can sign up for direct deposit in MyUTH.  

If the school receives monies for a student who is the recipient for an outside scholarship, the student will be notified.

The scholarship committee meets in August, January and May to review applications and award monies for fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Nurse Faculty Loan Program ("NFLP")

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program ("NFLP") is low-interest Federal loan repayment program offered by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for MSN and doctoral degrees. For eligibility requirements and more information visit the Financial Aid Office website.