Examplify Information

Students taking exams at Cizik School of Nursing (CSON) will use a version of ExamSoft's test-taking software called Examplify. Examplify provides a more secure offline testing environment that makes it easier for both faculty members and students. To prepare you for a smooth testing day, we ask that you read all of the information below.

Before arriving on campus, complete the following items:

Step 1: Watch the Examplify Videos

These short videos explain how to use Examplify to download, launch, take, and upload exams. Please review the video and the instructions on Exiting Examplify and Windows after an Exam to familiarize yourself with the exam taking software and proper application and Windows shutdown.

Step 2: Access and Reset your Examplify Password

Prior to your first exam, you will receive an account activation email that contains your user ID and information on how to reset your Examplify password. In your UTH inbox, find/locate the email with the subject line "ExamSoft Account Active (May Require a Password Reset)". If you are a new user or existing user that has forgotten your password, use the link provided in the email to reset your password.


The link in the email will take you to the password reset page. Enter your UTH Email and click Send.


In your UTH inbox, find/locate the email with the subject line "ExamSoft Information Requested" with the sender



NOTE: You can also reset your password by going to On the left-hand side, click on the link Lost UT ID or Password. Your ExamSoft password should be reset prior to you arriving on-campus for your exam.


Step 3: Day of  the Exam

On the day of testing, bring the following items:

  1. Two forms of identification (UTH Student ID and Driver’s License). If your exam will be using laptops, go to the Learning Resource Center (CSON 306) 30 minutes before the exam start time to check out a laptop. You will need proper identification (School ID, Drivers' License, etc.) to check one out.
  2. Your UTH email address and Examsoft Username/ Password written down or stored on your phone- in case you forget your login information.

During testing, be advised that starting and uploading exams may take several minutes.

  • Starting the exam
    After clicking “Continue” on the yellow secure exam starting/warning page, it may take up to 3 minutes for the exam to start.
  • Uploading the exam
    After clicking on the blue preliminary results page, it may take up to 3 minutes to upload and receive the green checkmark.

NOTE: Faculty and staff cannot upload exams on a student’s behalf. Before you leave, be sure that your exam is uploaded. If you have any questions or concerns during testing, please notify your room proctor.