Examplify Information

ExamSoft's test taking application is called Examplify.   Students in a course that will use ExamSoft should install Examplify on their personal laptop.  If you are unsure whether you should be installing the software or if your computer does not meet the minimum requirements, contact your instructor. 

Please perform the steps below at least 5 days before your first exam.  If you have issues in steps 1 through 3 contact ExamSoft Support:; 866.429.8889 ext. 1.

Step 1: Access and Reset your Examplify Password

Prior to your first exam, you will receive an account activation email with the subject "ExamSoft Account Active (May Require a Password Reset)". Your UT login ID is your login ID for both Examplify and the ExamSoft website. If you are a new user or existing user that has forgotten your password, use the link provided in the email or reset it on this page.* 

*Please note: UTHealth Password Policy ITPOL-002 states, “University passwords may not be used for non-university purposes.” When you change your password, it cannot be the same password you use for your university accounts. That is, it cannot be the same password you use to get into your university email, webmail or Canvas accounts.

Step 2: Install and Register Examplify

If you will use your own laptop to take exams, verify that it meets the minimum requirements:

Install Examplify using the following instructions. You will need to know the Institution's Custom Home Page to download the software and the Institution ID to register it. The Institution’s Custom Home Page is and the Institution ID is utnursing.  Before you install, Examplify temporarily disable your antivirus software.

Remember to re-enable your antivirus software when the installation is complete.

Step 3: Review Examplify Resources

These short videos explain how to use Examplify to download, launch, take, and upload exams. Please review the videos to familiarize yourself with the exam taking software.

If you prefer text-based resources, review the following:

Step 4: Prepare for Exam Day

  • Know your university user id, password, and email address as well as your Examplify password.
  • Know how to disable the anti-virus software on your computer before taking the exam and how to re-enable it after finishing your exam.
  • Know how Examplify works!
  • Have your power cord and Ethernet adapter/cable in case they are needed.
  • If you will be taking your exam at CSON, bring two form of identification (UTH Student ID and Driver's License)If you will be using a school laptop, go to the Learning Resource Center (CSON 306) 30 minutes before the exam start time to check out a laptop. You will need proper identification to check one out.
  • During testing, be advised that starting and uploading exams may take several minutes.