ProctorU Information

ProctorU is an online proctoring service available 24/7. Proctors monitor exams by observing the student (via webcam) and his/her computer screen in real time. 

Canvas, HESI, and ExamSoft exams may be proctored via ProctorU with permission from your course faculty. Before your exam, confirm with your instructor which resource will be used to give your exam and know how to access it.

For HESI, view the following document for information on how to test your system for compatibility and how to access the exam: Student Guide for Taking an HESI Exam via ProctorU.

Please watch the videos and read the information below if you are planning on using ProctorU.

Online Proctoring: How It Works

Take a look through the test taker guide and watch the video below to get an overview of how online proctoring works at ProctorU.

Technical Requirements

In order to be successfully proctored by ProctorU, you will need the following:

  1. A PC or Mac that meets the minimum system requirements. (Tablets are not supported)
  2. One of the following compatible web browsers:
  3. ProctorU browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox.
  4. If you are using Firefox, you will need to download Flash:

Please use an Ethernet/wired connection to reduce the chances of being disconnected during the exam. We strongly recommend that you do not use a wireless connection as they may not be stable enough. 


Follow the steps below before you take a test with ProctorU.

  1. Perform a system check.
    • You will receive a summary report of the system check. See image below.
    • If there is a failure, you will need to have the failure corrected before moving forward.

      System Check
  2. Visit and click the “User Login” button located in the top-right corner of the main page.
    • If you've already registered with ProctorU, simply sign in with your credentials.
    • If not, create an account by clicking the New user? Sign up here link and fill in the requisite information.
    • Be sure to use a valid e-mail address and phone number where you can be reached while taking an exam.
  3. Schedule the exam date and time.
    • It’s best to schedule your exam in advance as it greatly affects the price of the exam.

      Base Pricing (as of March 10, 2020)*
      30 Minutes or Less $8.75
      31-60 Minutes $16.25
      61-120 Minutes $22.50
      121-180 Minutes $30.00
      181-240 Minutes $37.50
      *A $5 to $12 surcharge will be applied for exams scheduled less than 72 hours in advance.
  4. Submit payment. (Be sure to have a valid credit card available.)
  5. Sign Proctor Agreement.

Testing Day

  1. Clear your work area.
  2. Please use an Ethernet/wired connection to reduce the chances of being disconnected during the exam.
  3. Visit and log in using your username and password.
  4. Once logged in, select the My Sessions link.
  5. Search for the scheduled exam and click the link to be connected with the proctor.
  6. Follow the directions of the proctor to begin the test.

When testing with ProctorU, students should be prepared to:

  • Show an up to date photo ID.
  • Answer security questions.
  • Grant the proctor access to their computer.
  • Take the test in a private, well-lit, indoor room (preferably at home) with no one else in the room.
  • Show the proctor the edges of the monitor being used for the exam with a mirror or cell phone.
  • Provide a 360 degree view of the testing environment.
  • Stay in view of the camera at all times.