What is Panopto?

Panopto is a lecture capture software that allows instructors to record video, audio, and screen activity on a computer and automatically uploads the content most usually into the course for which it was recorded, for viewing online.

Why should you use Panopto in your Course(s)?

  • Provide students with recorded lectures to review and reinforce course materials discussed in class.
  • Record demonstrations or tutorials for students to review.
  • Use as an orientation video to walk students through your course layout.
  • Explain the directions for an assignment or a project.
  • Record guest speaker(s) who cannot make it to your scheduled class or for students who are unable to attend the guest lecture.

Best Practices for Using Panopto

  • Check your microphone levels. It is recommended that you do a test recording to ensure that your microphone is set to the correct level.
  • Close all unnecessary programs/applications before you start recording. This includes eliminating desktop applications, such as email pop-ups.
  • Record in a quiet environment. If recording in an office, be sure to close the door to minimize any outside noises or distractions.
  • Chunk your content into 5-8 min segments. Try to limit the max time of your video to 15 minutes.
  • Don't agonize over the occasional slip-up or stumble. Remember that it is a natural part of speech, mistakes happen. Just correct yourself and move on.

Accessing Panopto

There are two ways to access the Panopto Recorder application:

  • The desktop application using your UTHealth ID
  • The Panopto Recordings link in your Canvas course

The video (above) and the links below will walk you through logging in using both methods.

The quick guide below will assist with getting you started recording with Panopto.

Embedding a Panopto Video

There are two ways that a Panopto Recording can be added to a course.

  • Embedding the recording into a page
  • Accessing the Panopto Recording link on the course navigation

Follow the video (above) and the supporting documents below to add your recording to your course.

Creating a Panopto Quiz

How to add a quiz to your Panopto video.

Faculty Quick Guides

How to move a Panopto Recording

How to ReOrder Panopto Recordings

How to Create a Panopto Assignment Dropbox

How to Add a Quiz to a Panopto Video

How to install Panopto on a Personal Computer