Course Template

The instructional developers in the CEIR department created templates for the different parts that make up a Canvas course. The course includes a template for the following:

  • Start Here - In this page, you will welcome your students to the course and introduce yourself. Here you can include a course syllabus and schedule. You can list the textbooks you will use in your course, as well as library resources. You can also include links for your students to read about technical requirements and academic integrity.
  • Course Modules - This link typically includes all the course content. Modules can be divided by topics or weeks. We typically recommend a given module includes an overview, a discussion post, an assignment and/or a quiz, then end with a module wrap-up.
  • Course Resources - In this link, you can include any resources that pertain to your course content that might help your students throughout the course.
  • Course Syllabus - In this page, you would attach a link to your syllabus. In this template, you can also include a course description and an assignment summary is included as well.
  • Course Handouts - In this link, you would allow access to the Files repository for students to find course documents. You have the choice to not share some of the documents if you wish.
  • Got Questions - This is a very useful template to discuss the instructor's preferred communication methods (i.e. do you want the students to email you first or look for answers in the FAQ discussion board). This would be a good place to put your on-campus and virtual office hours. This template also includes instructions on how to use the Conferences feature in Canvas so students can utilize it for meeting virtually with you or their classmates.

To view the course template, click on the SON Canvas Template link.

Please keep in mind that this is an example course and it should be used as a guide. You can change any of the above suggested templates (links) and create your own according to the needs of your online course.

If you would like to use the SON Canvas Template in your course, please contact CEIR.