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The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing and Center on Aging are grateful to the individuals and foundations who have generously supported the mission of improving lives of older adults through research, education, and care management services.

The Isla Carroll Turner Chair in Gerontological Nursing

Isla Carroll Turner

Isla Carroll Turner

The Isla Carroll Turner Chair in Gerontological Nursing was the first Chair at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to be named for a woman. In 1988 it was also the first chair to be awarded to the School of Nursing.


Isla Carroll Turner was the widow of Frank Prior Sterling, a founder and former president of Humble Oil & Refining Co. (now Exxon Company U.S.A.). After Mr. Sterling's death, Isla Carroll married Percy E. Turner. She founded the Friendship Trust in 1956 both to assist some widowed friends who were in financial distress after the deaths of their husbands and to give care and help to Houston's aging citizens. Mrs. Turner died in 1979.

The late Carroll Sterling Masterson, Turner's daughter, memorialized her mother's interest in care of the aged by establishing, in 1982, the Isla Carroll Turner Professorship in Geriatrics. In 1988, the Professorship evolved into the Chair in Gerontological Nursing. Mrs. Isla Carroll Reckling, Turner's grand-daughter, now directs the Friendship Trust.

Isla Carroll Turner Professors
  • Linda Kaeser, PhD, RN, ACSW, FAA: 1988 - 1997
  • Sharon K. Ostwald, PhD, RN: 1998 - present

The Theodore J. & Mary E. Trumble Professorship in Aging Research

The Theodore J. & Mary E. Trumble Professorship in Aging Research was established in 1994 and officially approved by the University of Texas Board of Regents on Dec 1. Dr. Theodore J. Trumble was a physician with Kelsey-Seybold at the time of his death in 1993.

Dr. Trumble received his MD from Creighton University; internship at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis; and surgical residency at Mercy Hospital in Denver. He served in the navy for 27 years, retiring as a captain. While in the service, he earned the Master of Public Health degree and qualified in aerospace medicine. Dr. Trumble served in the medical front units during the Vietnam War; served in the Lebanon crisis; and the Cuban crisis. Mrs. Trumble remembers his great sense of humor and his wonderful jokes.

Mrs. Mary Trumble, his wife of 38 years is a registered nurse and a geriatric nurse practitioner. She is an alumna of the master's nursing program at UT-Houston Health Science Center. She earned a BS in 1991 and an MS and GNP in 1992. She is currently working at St. Joseph Hospital in Hospice development. She was active (with Marian Wilson) in the development of the new hospice located on Braes Bayou, and they are currently working on another one to be associated with St. Joseph's.

The Trumble's had five children: Steven, Kathleen, Patricia, Theresa, and Theodore Joseph (Joe). They all live in Houston, With the exception of Patricia.

Trumble Research Professors
  • Nancy Bergstrom, PhD, RN: 2000 - present
  • Sharon K. Ostwald, PhD, RN: 1994 - 1998

Joseph C. Valley, Sr. Memorial Trust Fund for Gerontological Nursing

A $500,000 annuity was established by the Joseph C. Valley, Sr. family and the law firm of John O'Quinn and Associates, both of Houston, to help improve nursing care of the elderly through education and clinical training for students and faculty at The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center, School of Nursing.

Joseph C. Valley, Sr. was a resident of a Houston nursing home at the time of his death. Mrs. Valley, a school teacher who believed in the power of education to change behavior, chose to use the malpractice settlement to establish an annuity to support nursing education. The attorney, Mr. John O'Quinn matched the gift and a 25 year annuity was established.

The fund is used to support Valley Scholars by providing aid for nurses specializing in geriatric nursing. The proceeds also support the annual Selenia E. & Joseph C. Valley, Sr. Memorial Conference and recognition of a Professional of the Year who has contributed to improving the quality of life for elders. Occasionally, a special Community Advocate Award is also given to individuals who have dedicated their lives to trying to make life better for older adults. The Joseph C. Valley, Sr. Memorial Library Collection has also been established and is also maintained in the Center on Aging.

Through their generosity, the Valley Family have made a significant contribution towards improving the quality of life of elderly Houstonians.

Donations and bequests toward meeting the Center's mission are welcome and appreciated. Contributions are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.