Academic Success Center

Welcome to the UTHealth School of Nursing Academic Success Center (ASC) information page. We are here to facilitate your nursing education by providing academic coaching, study skills information sessions, a physical study space, group and individual tutoring, and employment resources.

All Students


ASC faculty are present at all program orientations to give you an introduction to our academic services.

The BSN Orientation & Boot Camp
provides an overview of the BSN program, first semester courses and success strategies to incoming baccalaureate nursing students. Dr. Brown organizes the BSN boot camp. Hostile intruder training by the UT Police Department and information regarding student resources and student organizations are also provided during orientation.

The Master’s Programs
will also have an orientation to introduce course faculty, course content, academic resources, and an introduction to online tools. Dr. Fitch organizes the Master’s orientation.

Academic Counseling Services

Individual Academic Coaching
Individual coaching addresses time management, organization, active retrieval, study skills, prioritization, critical thinking, and test taking strategies. In addition, we address stress management, anxiety management, and problem solving with appropriate referrals to UT Student Counseling as needed. To make an appointment for academic counseling, please contact Dr. Fitch (BSNs or graduate students), Dr. Brown (BSNs), or Mr. Aljawarneh (BSNs).

Online Academic Success Seminars
A seminar introducing academic success and scholarly writing strategies is available to new students through your orientation site.

Or to all students through the UTHVideo site.

Live Academic Success Seminars
Live seminars will be held at the start of the semester for a number of programs. To inquire about a seminar for your program, please contact Dr. Fitch.

Writing Support Services

One-on-One Writing Consultations
Writing consultations provide individualized writing support to address issues in getting started (understanding the assignment, brainstorming, outlining, etc.), thesis statement development, content organization and structure (topic sentences and paragraphs, cohesion, and clarity), grammar and syntax, and APA formatting. In these consultations, students work with our writing specialist on their assignments and identify areas where they can improve their scholarly communication skills and competency.  

To request writing assistance, contact Dr. Jandy Gu at She is available to help in the pre-draft (brainstorming) and post-draft (reviewing assignments) stages.  

Submit assignments that you would like reviewed with the name of your course faculty, assignment instructions and rubric, and faculty notes or comments when available. Allow a turnaround time of 3 business days.

Writing Workshops and Seminars
Writing workshops will be offered periodically throughout the semester. To inquire about a workshop or seminar on a particular topic, please contact Dr. Gu.

For faculty interested in embedding a writing seminar into their course, complete this form.

Online Writing Tools and Resources
Writing tools and resources are available on the Academic Success Center and Graduate Academic Coaching Canvas pages for undergraduate and graduate students respectively.


The UTHealth School of Nursing job site which is updated daily lists current employment opportunities throughout the United States for newly graduated undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni.

BSN Students

Study Space

Students may reserve the Academic Success Center study space (SON 620) for group or individual study through the ASC canvas site (accept our invitation in your first semester or e-mail to request an invitation). The study space has 2 writable walls, textbooks, and 3 computers.

Group and Individual Tutoring for BSN Classes

Group tutoring is provided by BSN students to underclassmen for approximately 9 BSN courses each semester. Dr. Brown manages and coordinates the BSN peer tutoring program. She will e-mail enrolled students with notifications and reminders of tutoring session. Please accept our invitation to join the tutoring canvas sites for each of your classes.

The BSN Pathophysiology course also offers individual tutoring. Please e-mail Dr. John to make an appointment.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program is a leadership program that provides mentorship and leadership experience to selected senior BSN students. To learn more about the program or how to apply, please contact Dr. Brown.

Professional Development and Employment

NCLEX Preparation
The Academic Success Center completes activities targeting NCLEX preparation to include coordinating and moderating NCLEX review course information sessions each semester, and an NCLEX review course hosted annually during spring break at the UTHealth School of Nursing. Collaboration with course faculty is also completed to facilitate HESI test success.

Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Employment services are provided to BSN students to include a graduation seminar each semester to the senior BSN nursing students addressing resume writing, interview skills and employment opportunities. Additional employment information is disseminated to students as needed and useful resources for employment are posted to facilitate resume writing and interview preparation.