SON Advisory Council

A Message from the Chair

Image of Debbie Adams

I was once given the advice that if I truly wanted to make a difference in the world, the way to effect change beyond simply donating "treasure", was to donate "time and talent" as well. Sound advice that led me to where I am today; working with an incredibly talented Advisory Council that believes in the mission of UTHealth School of Nursing, and is dedicated to working with Dean Patricia Starck in not only maintaining a leadership role in nursing education, but also in creating and developing innovative solutions to the most pressing nursing needs of our community and beyond.

As a high school graduate, I knew three things: I wanted to be a nurse, I wanted to attend college in Texas, and I would go to the BEST nursing school in Texas. It didn't take long to find out, all of that was right here in Houston at the UTHealth School of Nursing. As an '84 graduate of this School, I did my best to uphold the tradition of nursing excellence exemplified by the School of Nursing during the years that I worked as an Emergency Room nurse. I am very honored to be able to yet again uphold that tradition by working with such a dedicated Advisory Council that remains committed to the UTHealth School of Nursing’s long history of innovation and excellence in nursing education and healthcare solutions.

Debbie Adams, BSN, RN
UTHealth School of Nursing

UTHealth School of Nursing Advisory Council Members

Lorraine Frazier, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA, Dean, UTHealth School of Nursing
Jerald L. Broussard, Chair
Deborah G. Adams, BSN, RN, Immediate Past Chair
Stanford J. Alexander
Leslie Bowlin
Robert W. Bramlette
Anne Brent
Joe M. Bridges
Jerald L. Broussard
George R. Farris
J. Philip Ferguson
Catherine Giegerich, RN, BSN, MS, FACHE
Eleanor M. Hill
Gloria J. Hill
Arthur Jay Hurt III
Kenneth J. Lewis
Judy E. Margolis
Florence A. McGee
Adrian S. Melissinos, PhD, RN
Maria C. Pappas
John R. Pitts
Barbara R. Riley
Christopher A. Rowland
Melissa Salmeron, CTP
Richard H. Skinner
Tom R. Standish
Bette A. Thomas
Robert D. Thomas, Sr.

For more information about the Advisory Council, email Matt Perkins or call 713-500-2006.