Endowed Funds

Endowments, which are permanent funds established in memory or honor of individuals or groups, generate annual income that supports scholarships, awards, professorships, faculty chairs, and other programs. Endowments are a critical element in the educational institution's vitality and quality. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston encourages the establishment of permanent endowments to recruit, support, and encourage faculty and students, stimulate productive research, and build facilities. The University of Texas System Board of Regents gratefully accepts gifts and approves the establishment of each endowment at the minimum levels indicated (as of January 1, 2015):

  • Distinguished University Chair — $3,000,000
  • Distinguished Chair — $2,000,000
  • Chair — $1,000,000
  • Distinguished Professorship — $500,000
  • Professorship — $250,000
  • Fellowship — $100,000 to establish a Faculty fellowship and $50,000 to establish a Graduate fellowship
  • Scholarship — $25,000

Donors may establish endowed gifts within a five-year period with the ultimate goal of reaching the minimum level for a particular type of endowment. For instance, it takes $25,000 minimum to endow a scholarship. A donor may opt to pay $5,000 each year for five years to reach the scholarship endowment level. Once the minimum level is reached, additional contributions may be made at any time. Scholarships funded through endowments are made available from the interest earned and based on a spending rate determined annually by The University of Texas System.

A listing of the School of Nursing current endowments is located here.

Endowed funds are established through a formal agreement process. Please contact our office for more information.