Global Health Program


The Mission of the Global Health Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing is to enhance the ability of nurses, both in the US and abroad, to provide culturally sensitive health services to all clients, to be aware of health resource disparities, and to provide expert care in nurse managed settings.


  1. To provide opportunities for nursing students and faculty to have international experiences, particularly in resource-limited areas.
  2. To develop courses that can be offered via Internet to other countries.
  3. To initiate new and expand current partnerships with international schools to facilitate research, advanced practice, and educational activities.
  4. To increase didactic content on global health in both undergraduate and graduate courses at UTHealth School of Nursing.


UTHealth School of Nursing has 14 active international educational agreements with eight countries. Thirteen faculty members currently are involved in international activities, providing consultations and presentations in foreign countries including South Africa, India, Canada, Oman, Panama, Thailand, Korea, Rwanda, China and Spain – and also work with several international students on dissertation manuscripts and publications. The School also has recently hosted delegations or representatives from seven countries, including Colombia, The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, China, Taiwan and Canada.