Global Health Program


The Mission of the Global Health Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing is to enhance the ability of nurses, both in the US and abroad, to provide culturally sensitive health services to all clients, to be aware of health resource disparities globally, and to understand the influence of culture, socioeconomic status and geographical context in the provision of nursing care.


  1. To facilitate opportunities for students and faculty to have international experiences.
  2. To support faculty in initiating new and expanding current collaborations with international universities and organizations.
  3. To promote the integration of global health concepts in to undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

International Collaborations

UTHealth School of Nursing engaged in international educational agreements with countries such as Taiwan, South Africa, India, Canada, Oman, Panama, Thailand, Korea, Rwanda, China and Spain. Our faculty provided consultations and presentations, collaborated in research projects, and worked with international students on dissertation manuscripts and publications. Our School recently hosted delegations or representatives from several countries, including Colombia, The U.K., The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, China, Taiwan and Canada. Our School also participated with the Clinton Health Access Initiative to foster the growth of the nursing workforce in Rwanda. For more information on how to engage in collaborations with our faculty, please click on Information for International Universities, Visitors and Students.

International Universities, Visitors and Students

Our School welcomes international collaborations with institutions, faculty and students. Opportunities to consult with our nursing education and clinical experts, collaborate with our research faculty, or study at the UTHealth School of Nursing include:

For inquiries about these opportunities please contact Dr. Martina R. Gallagher, PhD, MSN, RN, Director of Global Health Programs at

Office of Global Health Initiatives

The Office of Global Health Initiatives (OGHI) serves as a resource to the school of nursing, and the other five schools, of UTHealth in facilitating and supporting relationships with international partners.

OGHI facilitates the establishment of formal international agreements with universities and organizations outside of the U.S. They offer support in hosting visiting delegations from abroad and assist with the administrative processing of international observers, trainees and visiting scientists at UTHealth schools.

Global Health Opportunities

For Nursing Students at UTHealth SON

We offer several opportunities for students to participate in activities related to global health at UTHealth SON:

  • Global Health Buddies: During the summer semester nursing students volunteer to host nursing student visitors from Kaohsiung Medical University and Taipei Medical University.
  • Global Health Brown Bags: Our international visitors provide presentations to share information about nursing in their countries and experience with global health research and health programs.
  • Electives: We offer several electives and independent study courses that focus on global health concepts and issues.
Within the Texas Medical Center

The TMC is one of the largest medical centers in the world and as such it provides several global health opportunities for students:

International and Global Health Conferences

There are many conferences that provide faculty and students with the most up to date information on international and global health issues:

Past Collaboration with Clinton Health Access Initiative

Our school had the opportunity to be part of the Clinton Health Access Initiative by having 2 of our faculty members serve as consultants and collaborations to foster the growth of the nursing profession in Rwanda.