Cizik School of Nursing Faculty News

Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) Transforming the Experience of Mirror Viewing for Individuals Faced With Disfiguring Injuries
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) What Do Patients With Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer Experience? Content Domain for the MD Anderson Symptom Inventory for Lung Cancer
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) Family-centered practice in nursing education
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) Feasibility of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention with Sheltered Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) Sexual risk classes among youth experiencing homelessness: Relation to childhood adversities, current mental symptoms, substance use, and HIV testing
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) System involvement among young adults experiencing homelessness: Characteristics of four system-involved subgroups and relationship to risk outcomes
Jul 02, 2020 (Publication) Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Initiation and Completion among Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Seven U.S. Cities
Jun 30, 2020 Eloi, Lewis Receive 2020 McGovern Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards
Jun 29, 2020 Grant funds COVID-19 research with Hispanic families
May 27, 2020 (Publication) The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence in Older Adults A Systematic Review
May 21, 2020 Whisenant Receives CPRIT Grant for Breast Cancer Symptom Research
May 19, 2020 Three seed grants inaugurate aging-in-place research at Smart Apartment
May 18, 2020 (Publication) Non-allopathic interventions for the management of acute and chronic pain: A brief review
May 18, 2020 (Publication) Adaptation and validation of the situation awareness global assessment technique for nurse anesthesia graduate students
May 13, 2020 (Publication) Feasibility and efficacy of remotely supervised cranial electrical stimulation for pain in older adults with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled pilot study.
May 13, 2020 (Publication) Comparing quality of care in medical specialties between nurse practitioners and physicians: A systematic review.
May 13, 2020 (Publication) Disruptive innovation: Impact for practice, policy, and academia.
May 12, 2020 Ahn awarded $2.4 million grant to study nonpharmacological knee pain treatment
May 05, 2020 (Publication) Disturbance during emergency department work – A concept analysis
Apr 23, 2020 (Publication) Substance use disorder: Screening adolescents in primary care