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Hernandez publishes four recent studies

Hernandez publishes four recent studies

(January 13, 2020) Associate Professor Daphne Hernandez, PhD, MSEd, FAAHB, contributed to four recently published studies - three about food insecurity and one about the effects of Hurricane Harvey on low income, ethnic minority adolescents.

  • Nipa Kamdar, Gala True, Laura Lorenz, Aaron Loeb (student) and Daphne C. Hernandez. Getting food to the table: Challenges, strategies, and compromises experienced by low-income Veterans raising children. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. (Published online December 7, 2020.) doi: 1080/19320248.2020.1855284
  • Nipa Kamdar, Houston F. Lester, Sajeevika Saumali Daundasekara, Anna Greer,.Natalie E. Hundt, Anne Utech,  and Daphne C. Hernandez. Food insecurity: Comparing odds between working-age Veterans and non-veterans with children. Nursing Outlook. (October 15, 2020) doi: 1016/j.outlook.2020.08.011
  • Che Young Lee, Xue Zhao, Layton Reesor-Oyer, Aliye B. Cepni, and Daphne C. Hernandez (2021). Bidirectional relationship between food insecurity and housing instability. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 121(1): 84-91. doi:
  • Katherine R. Arlinghaus, Stacey L. Gorniak, Daphne C. Hernandez, and Craig A. Johnston. Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the growth of low income, ethnic minority adolescents. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. (2020 Nov. 9; 1-8, published online ahead of print.) doi:10.1017/dmp.2020.308

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