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Cizik School of Nursing is now offering adjunct (without salary) faculty appointments to experienced clinical educators who serve as preceptors for Nurse Practitioner students.

How to Precept NP students at UTHealth

Preceptors for Cizik School of Nursing’s Nurse Practitioner students must have a commitment and desire to help prepare the next generation of healthcare providers, have a record of continuous professional development, and possess caring and supportive attributes to help UTHealth students become strong practitioners.  

The minimum professional requirements are:

  • One year of professional nurse practitioner experience, 
  • Demonstrated clinical competence through an unencumbered nursing license, and
  • National NP certification (i.e. FNP, AGPCNP/ANP, AGACNP,ACNP, PMHNP, etc.).

Application and Notification

Preceptor applications are reviewed on an on-going basis. To submit your interest, please complete the online application. If you have specific questions about the application process or precepting, please contact the NP preceptorship clinical director listed below. 

Benefits of participating –

  • Adjunct faculty (without salary) status in a graduate program ranked nationally in the Top Five Percent
  • Free or discounted Continuing Education credits on relevant topics
  • Preceptor hours toward recertification
  • Opportunities for interprofessional teamwork in the Texas Medical Center
  • Mentorship with outstanding NP students ready to learn and practice
  • Mentoring by UTHealth SON faculty for project development, publishing, professional speaking, and career development. Writing and publishing journal articles and book chapters may count toward recertification.
  • Annual appreciation event for networking.

Preceptor Orientation 

The UTHealth School of Nursing deeply appreciates preceptors who are committed to preparing students for future advanced practice nursing roles. It is our goal to provide all UTHealth preceptors with the materials need to confidently precept nurse practitioner students. When assigned students, you will be provided with additional information specific to the course, objectives, and student evaluation

The MSN Preceptor Handbook contain the roles and responsibilities of preceptors, faculty, students, and agencies. Additionally, you may also find reviewing the information on SON policies and program policies helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to the clinical site?

  • Our NP students are educated to take thorough histories, perform physicals, formulate differential diagnoses, present cases, and with clinic approval, chart these findings in the electronic medical record.
  • Students have also completed advanced pharmacology education and can formulate a treatment/management plan to discuss with the primary care provider (PCP).
  • All actions save the PCP time, reduce the overall work burden of the PCP, and allow the PCP more time to attend to more complex clinical matters.

How can I maximize NP student preparation prior to rotation?

To maximize efficiency of familiarizing students to the clinic practice prior to rotation start:

  • Orient the student to agency/institution protocols and policies
  • Meet with the student to discuss learning objectives and sign a learning contract per program policy
  • Discuss and set clinical hours and schedule

How many hours will I need to precept and how long will it take?

This varies based on the course—it can be 1 to 4 days a week (totaling 60-360 hours a semester).

Who provides student malpractice insurance?

A copy of the practice certificate of insurance (COI) is needed prior to preceptor assignment. The School of Nursing will provide appropriate malpractice insurance for each student placed by UTHealth.

How are students screened?

Background checks, drug screens, and immunization verifications are conducted for all UTHealth graduate student

How will I know what to focus on with students?

A student learning contract will be completed before or on the first day of clinical. Course objectives, individualized student objectives, and evaluation form(s) will be provided by the student to the preceptor. The program Preceptor Handbook can be found at

Does the preceptor grade or evaluate the student?

The preceptor will complete a student performance evaluation form. This evaluation contributes to the overall grade. Course faculty assign the final grade.

Contact Information 

General questions regarding any aspect of NP precepting should be directed to the Liaison for Nurse Practitioner Placement: