Tuition and Estimated Cost

Per Credit Fees 

2019-2020 2020-2021
   Resident        Non-Resident  Resident  Non-Resident
Undergraduate $222 $967 $238 $999
Graduate $298 $1121 $316 $1119


2019-2020 Cizik School of Nursing Summary Estimate of Resident Tuition & Fees by Program
Program Cost
RN/BSN $ 10075
BSN $ 21376
RN-MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner  $ 18643
RN-MSN - Nursing Leadership  $ 17636
MSN  - Nurse Practitioner  $ 15744
MSN - NursingLeadership $ 15894
ER/Trauma Post-Master's $ 5549
BSN-DNP Nurse Anesthesia $ 48599
BSN-DNP Nurse Practitioner $ 29511
DNP-CRNA's $ 13688 
DNP-Informatics $ 23252
DNP-NP & CNS $ 16536
DNP-Nurse Executives $ 16072
PhD $ 23687


The Cizik School of Nursing is proud to offer a top-quality education at an affordable cost. To assist you in understanding the full financial commitment to attend UTHealth, you will find the program cost estimate sheets helpful in understanding the tuition, fee, and indirect cost such as housing, transportation and books.

The financial aid process is managed by the UTHealth Financial Aid Office who can provide detailed information about financial aid eligibility, application processes, billing and disbursement schedules.

99 Hour Rule

A resident doctoral student who has a total of 100 or more semester credit hours of doctoral work at an institution of higher education is required to pay nonresident doctoral tuition rates. Call713-500-3361 for more information.

Estimated Cost by Program

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
    BSN to DNP
    Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PHD)
    Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP)