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Pacesetter BSN at a Glance

  • Admit Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Credit Requirement: 60 credits over 4 semesters
  • Enrollment Mode: Curriculum includes both online and on-campus courses
  • Enrollment Level: Full-time only

The Cizik School of Nursing's Pacesetter Program is program of study in which all of the nursing theory courses are offered in the first three semesters followed by a full-time, clinically intensive fourth semester. There will also be clinical experience labs and simulation during the first three semesters to complement the didactic material. Students must have a minimum of 60 semester hours credit or 90 quarter hours comprised of both prerequisite and elective work in order to be enrolled in the nursing program. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and are eligible to take the National Council of Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensure as a registered nurse.

Baccalaureate education in nursing is based upon a study of the sciences and humanities/arts and provides a foundation for continuing personal, professional, and educational development. The curriculum is designed to allow the student the opportunity to become a competent, self-directed nursing generalist who is able to critically think and function in a variety of settings. 

Sample Curriculum Plan

Course #Course NameHours
Semester 1
N3511 Health Assessment 3
N3515 Adult Health Care I 3
N3515 B Adult Health Care I Clinical 2
N3517  Pathophysiology 3
N3540 Pharmacotherapeutics 3
Semester 2
N3521 Gerontologic Nursing 2
N3523 Adult and Older Adult Health Care II 4
N3532 Reproductive Health Care 4
N3526 Psychiatric and Mental Health Care 4
N3526 B Psychiatric and Mental Health Care Clinical 2
Semester 3
N3536 Child and Adolescent Health Care 4
N4527  Professional Practice and Leadership 3
N4521 Community/Public Health Nursing 3
N4521 B Community/Public Health Nursing Clinical 3
N4528 Management of Patients in High Acuity Settings 3
Semester 4
N3523 B Adult and Older Adult Health Care II Clinical 3
N3536 B Child and Adolescent Health Care Clinical 2
N3532 B Reproductive Health Care Clinical 2
N4528 B Management of Patients in High Acuity Settings Clinical 4
N4512 W Research Critique and Utilization  2
N4530 W Critical Synthesis Application 1
Total 60

*Course numbers ending in “W” denote courses that are web-based or mainly online that may require some campus visits.
*Course numbers ending in “D” denote courses that are taught through distance education and include a distance education fee.
*Course numbers ending in “B” denote courses that are clinical and include additional fees.

Pacesetter BSN FAQ

Q: How many students are accepted each year?

A: The program enrolls 120 students each semester. At the time decisions are made students can be admitted, wait-listed or denied. 

Q: If I do not get accepted, can I reapply? 

A: Yes, you can reapply for admission by submitting a new application for admission. You will be required to pay the $60.00 application fee. 

Q: Am I able to work and participate in the Pacesetter BSN? 

A: The Pacesetter BSN is a full-time program of study. Students are in class at least 2-3 days a week and participate in clinicals at various times including nights and weekends. Generally, because of the pace students are not encouraged to work. 

Q: What is the school code for the HESI Exam? 

A: The code is 198326

Q: How can I find out if the courses I plan to take will satisfy the prerequisite requirements? 

A: The transfer guide provided online gives a list of Texas institutions and the course that satisfies our requirements. 

Q: My school is not listed on the transfer guide, what can I do? 

Yes, there are a lot of school in Texas, so this is not a comprehensive list. However, to get a sense of what may transfer, please refer to the  Texas Common Course Numbering System. From here you can choose a school listed in our transfer guide and compare it to the institution you are planning to attend. 

Q: Can I request an unofficial prerequisite evaluation? 

A: Unfortunately, due to limited staffing and the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide unofficial evaluations. Official evaluations are conducted by the UTHealth Registrar's Office upon submitting your transcripts and all official transcripts through the online application. 

Q: Will the courses I earned for dual credit at my high school count for credit? 

A: Yes, to get credit, you will be required to submit the official transcript from the issuing institution to the UTHealth Registrar's Office. 

Q: Do the lab courses associated with my courses also count? 

A: Yes, for example if you take a chemistry course and it is listed as a 3 credit hour lecture and 1 credit hour lab, this would satisfy the 4 credit chemistry requirement.

Q: If I retake a course, how will that be reflected in my overall prerequisite GPA. 

A: The highest course GPA will be used to calculate your prerequisite or science GPA. 

Q: Can a student finish early if they take more classes per semester?

 A: No, the Pacesetter BSN curriculum is already rigorous, thus creating an accelerated degree plan is not feasible.



The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, master’s degree program, doctor of nursing practice program, and post graduate APRN certificate programs at the Cizik School of Nursing are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Program Coordinators

Kristin K Ownby, PhD, RN, ACHPN, ACRN, AOCN, CNS-BC

Director, Pacesetter Program (Email)