BSN Prerequisite Guide

As a health science center, the School of Nursing does not offer general education courses, therefore all students must satisfy the course prerequisite requirements prior to enrollment. The prerequisites provide a foundation for the learning that BSN students receive at UTHealth. While the full prerequisite list includes 60 credit hours, an application will be considered for admission if at the application deadline at least 48 prerequisite credit hours; 16 of which are in Anatomy Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology have been completed. Please note that if admission is offered all prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of class.

There are no time limits on prerequisites. The courses are as follows:

Courses Hours
American Government 3
Texas Government 3
U. S. History 6
Intro to Psychology 3
Intro to Sociology 3
Human Growth & Development (Lifespan) 3
Statistics Math or psychology only 3
Anatomy & Physiology Lecture & Lab 8
Microbiology Lecture & Lab 4
Chemistry Lecture & Lab 4
Nutrition 3
English  Literature courses do not qualify 6
Intro to Philosophy 3
Visual & Performing Arts Course prefixes ARTS, DANC, MUAP, MUEN, MUSI, DRAM,  or equivalent 3
Electives  (college-level only) 5

Satisfying the Requirement

Cizik School of Nursing has several guides available to help you determine if you have satisfied the prerequisite requirement.

  • Transfer Guide –This is an articulation guide that illustrates the courses that satisfy the requirement from several Texas institutions.
  • Texas Common Course Numbering System - if you do not see your institution on the transfer guide, this reference guide will provide some information on how courses equate within the entire state of Texas.

Once an application is submitted and all supporting materials have been received, the UTHealth Registrar’s Office will conduct an official course evaluation. A transcript of their evaluation will be sent via postal mail.

BSN Prerequisite Guide FAQ

Q: Can I request an unofficial prerequisite evaluation?

A: Unfortunately, due to limited staffing and the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide unofficial evaluations. Official evaluations are conducted by the UTHealth Registrar's Office upon submitting your transcripts when you apply. If you have a question about a specific course after reviewing this guide, please email, and we will do our best to assist you.

Q: My school is not listed on the transfer guide, what can I do?

A: There are a lot of schools in Texas, so it is not a comprehensive list. To get a sense of what may transfer, please refer to the Texas Common Course Numbering System. From here you can choose a school listed in our transfer guide and compare it to the institution you are planning to attend.

Q: Will the courses I earned for dual credit at my high school count for credit?

A: Yes, to get credit, you will be required to submit an official transcript from the institution who certified the credit.

Q: Are CLEP/IB/AP scores accepted?

A: Yes. If your scores were already evaluated for post-secondary credit and appear on a college transcript they will be accepted.  CLEP/IB/AP will not be accepted for science courses.

Q: Can I take the courses online?

A: Yes, as long as the courses are taken from a regionally accredited institution, the scores will be accepted. Please contact your school’s registrar to determine if they are regionally accredited. Labs for science courses taken online cannot be accepted for prerequisite requirement.

Q: If I retake a course, how will that be reflected in my overall prerequisite GPA.

A: The nursing prerequisite course will be calculated using the grade of the most recently taken course. The science GPA will be calculated using ALL SCIENCE courses taken.

Q: I won’t complete the 48 credit hours until after the deadline has passed – can I still apply?

A: No, the review process commences shortly after the deadline so the 48 credits must be earned and reported on a transcript prior to application deadline.

FAQs Regarding Specific Course Requirements

Q: What counts as an elective?

A: An elective is any academic course that is not being used to satisfy another course prerequisite.  Physical education or kinesiology, vocational or technical courses, and remedial courses are not considered academic courses and cannot be counted toward the elective requirement. Examples of courses that do not meet the elective requirement include computer courses, nursing courses, and yoga or other fitness courses. The UTHealth Registrar’s Office will use the highest graded electives available on the transcript to calculate your prerequisite GPA. 

Q: Can a graduate level course count towards the elective requirement? 

A: No, only undergraduate courses can satisfy the requirement. 

Q: What courses satisfy the visual and performing arts requirement?

A: Generally, any course with a prefix such as ARTS, DANC, MUAP, MUEN, MUSI, DRAM will satisfy the requirement. We accept dance, music, art, and drama courses. We also accept art, theater, and music history courses.

Q: Will a critical thinking course count toward the philosophy requirement?

A: Yes, critical thinking does count for the philosophy requirement. Intro to the Humanities does not count; however, that course can be used as an elective.

 Q: I took my prerequisites or received an undergraduate degree from a university outside Texas. Am I still required to take Texas Government?

A: Yes, all students pursuing the BSN degree in Texas must have taken Texas Government.

 Q: What is required for the Growth & Development course?

A: Growth & Development courses must cover the full life span of a human, from conception to death, to meet the requirement. Veterinary courses and child development courses do not meet the requirement. If you are taking your prerequisite courses at Texas A&M University, please see the Growth & Development course at Blinn College, or another school listed in the Prerequisite Guide, as the A&M course is not a full lifespan course.

Q: If I've taken two Anatomy & Physiology courses, but the combined total is not eight hours, can I still apply or do I have to take another course?

A: The number or credits is what is considered, not the number of courses taken.  You must have a minimum of 16 hours of sciences to apply for admission. If you are admitted with missing prerequisites, you must have those courses completed prior to the start of the semester (no exceptions).