The University of Texas-Houston School of Nursing has a continuing commitment to assist returning registered nurses in attaining the baccalaureate degree. All RN students will have the opportunity to receive advanced placement credit of 29 hours upon completion of specific courses.

The RN-BSN program is designed for registered nurses that wish to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. This is a three-semester (or twelve-month) program with campus-based and online availability for selected applicants. The campus based program students will attend class one day a week during each semester, while the online program will attend classroom sessions occasionally during the semester. Summer admissions will have the option of an online program OR traditional classrooms every Wednesday on campus. Spring Admissions will have traditional classrooms every Wednesday on campus. The required curriculum contains 60 prerequisite hours, 31 nursing course hours and 29 advanced placement hours.

All students must have basic computer skills and are required to have a computer. It is recommended that students review the computer requirements and recommendations before purchasing a computer.

Generally, applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are considered on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Completed application
  • Grade point average in prerequisite course work
  • Science grade point average
  • Overall academic achievement
  • TOEFL for applicants whose native language is not English and have not graduated from an English-speaking university

During the interview process, the applicant may be evaluated on additional elements which may include: communication skills, experience in dealing with people, experience in health care, ability to articulate career goals, community service, and extracurricular activities

RN-BSN Program Option

Students accepted to the RN-BSN program may be approved to take designated graduate courses that will apply to any of our Master’s programs while completing their BSN.

To be approved to take graduate courses, the program prefers and strongly recommends that applicants submit GRE scores with a combined minimum score of 1000 from the verbal section and the quantitative section and a minimum score of 3.0 on the analytical writing section. For the Revised GRE the recommended combined score is 297 with the analytical writing section remaining at 3.0. The program prefers and strongly recommends applicants submitting MAT scores have a minimum score of 400. After acceptance to the RN-BSN Program, the student may substitute a maximum of six (6) semester hours of graduate level courses for the BSN degree requirements. A maximum of 11 credit hours (with grades earned of "B" or better) are transferable toward the MSN program. 

*Note: The number of days per semester on campus may increase with the addition of graduate level courses.

The approved graduate courses are: N5501 Theoretical Foundations in Nursing, N5506 Statistics in Nursing, N6101 Clinical and Epidemiologic Research for Advanced Nursing Practice, N6102 Information Systems for Advance Practice Nurse and N6151 Advanced Pathophysiology. Students admitted to the RN-BSN Program and approved to take graduate level courses are not guaranteed admission to the MSN Program.