RN-BSN Early Decision Program

Early Decision Program

Begin a seamless transition into UTHealth’s top-ranked RN-BSN program by applying for admission into the Early Decision Program. Cizik School of Nursing administers two early decision programs for ADN students attending Lone Star College or Houston Community College. Early Decision applicants are able to apply and received advanced notification of their admission decision prior to the regular review cycle.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to apply as an Early Decision candidate you must complete,

Application Deadline:

Early Decision applicants can apply for admission up to twelve months in advance of their anticipated start date at UTHealth. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Review and Notification

Early Decision applicants who submit a complete application will be notified within 4-6 weeks of application submission. Decision will be issued via email, mail, and through the ApplyUTH portal (assigned at the time of application).

Any student who is not accepted through Early Decision will automatically be considered for regular admission.

Early Decision FAQ

Q: What is rolling admission? 

A: Rolling admission means that applications are reviewed as they are received; the program doesn't wait until a deadline to start reviewing. Students can apply for admission up to twelve months in advance. 

Q: Can I apply for Early Decision after the priority deadline for regular admission?

A: The Early Decision process allows for HCC and Lone Star students to be receive conditional admission offers with only having one semester of ADN courses completed. If you have already completed the minimum prerequisite courses (40 credit hours, including 8 hours of science) for regular admission, you are no longer eligible for Early Decision. 

Q: If I am not admitted in Early Decision will that hurt my chances for being admitted in the regular admission cycle? 

A: No, a limited number of slots are available for Early Decision admission. Many students may not be accepted and will be reviewed in the regular admission cycle. 

Q: Can students from other Houston or Texas Schools be considered for Early Decision? 

A: That is currently being discussed. Please check back for updates!

Q: What will happen if I don't maintain my GPA, or if I'm unable to complete all of the prerequisites prior to starting the RN-BSN program? 

A: Students who are approved for Early Decision will be issued at tentative admission offer.  Full admission is contingent upon the student continuing to meet the minimum RN-BSN admission requirements. If a student fails to meet the minimum requirement, the admission offer will be revoked. 

Q: Who should I speak with if I have questions about the Early Decision application? 

A: You can contact Christine Landrum Smith, Administrative Coordinator, at 713.500.2059 or