Master of Science in Nursing

Graduate Education at UTHealth

Education at the master’s level prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in clinical practice, nursing administration and nursing education. Advanced nursing practice graduates are prepared for entry into the Doctoral of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, and all graduates are prepared for higher education in the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) program.

Student's pursuing the MSN will choose from one of seven clinical tracks. Most programs offer a courses online and  face-to-face allowing students to receive flexibility that fits with their busy schedules, but also maintaining a dynamic class experience that include in-class time to demonstrate skills, dialogue with colleagues and receive mentorship and guidance from our highly regarded and recognized faculty. The curriculum structure depends on the clinical concentration the student selects. The seven clinical tracks are as follows: 

Post-Master's Programs

Post Master’s Education is available to master’s prepared students who wish to pursue education in another role or clinical specialty. Degree plans for post-master’s students are individualized according to the student’s educational needs, past course work and certification according to school policies. Mechanisms for equivalency credit and validation of previous course work are available. Students can apply for post-master's admission for all tracks except for Nurse Anesthesia. 

Program Coordinator


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