MSN and Post-Graduate Outcomes

Program Outcomes

The Master of Science in Nursing Program is designed to provide an opportunity for the student to develop as a leader in an advanced nursing practice role. Program completers make significant contributions to the improvement of health care and influence health care policy through advanced clinical practice and research in order to meet the current needs of society. 

Education at this level prepares both MSN and post-graduate (post-MSN or post-DNP) students to assume leadership roles in clinical practice, nursing administration, and nursing education. Advanced nursing practice graduates are prepared for entry into doctoral education.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing program or completers of the Post-Graduate program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of specialized knowledge and skills that will promote functioning in an advanced nursing role.
  2. Integrate nursing science with knowledge from ethics, informatics, and the biophysical, psychosocial, and organizational sciences into advanced nursing practice.
  3. Integrate best practices and evidence aimed at positively impacting health care to achieve optimal outcomes.
  4. Foster collaborative interprofessional relationships with other health professionals to promote delivery of safe, value-driven, and high quality health care.
  5. Utilize leadership skills in promoting health for individuals, groups, and communities of interest.