Campus Tours


Due to COVID-19, UTHealth is proactively expanding its restrictions and implementing new guidelines to safeguard our students, trainees, faculty, staff, and patients. As such, campus tours have been suspended until further notice. We encourage all students interested in seeing the campus to view the above video tour. 

Come visit the School of Nursing and let us take you on a guided tour. The campus tours are led by member of the Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) Team. STAT Team members are current students who will take you on a walking tour around the school and share their experiences as UTHealth nursing students. 

Tour times are limited to the dates and time our students are available. To ensure a pleasant tour experience group sizes are limited and an RSVP is required. Due to the limited staff, unscheduled/drop-in tours cannot be accommodated. Security protocols restrict any visitors from conducting self-guided tours.


An RSVP submitted at least two weeks in advance of your requested date is appreciated.


Q: What do I do if I need special accommodations. 
A: The School of Nursing is ADA compliant and when needed, the elevator will be used to accommodate any visitors with special needs. 

Q: If I attend a tour, can I bring in my transcripts to be evaluated?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have the staff available to conduct unofficial prerequisite evaluations, however there is a wealth of information on our website to guide you through that process. All applicants who apply and submit official transcripts will receive a prerequisite evaluation as a part of the application process.

Q: What attire should I wear?
A: This is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Depending on the size of the group, the building elevators may be used to take the group to the different floors, but if the group size is too big the tour guide may opt to take the stairs.

Q: Will attending the tour have any impact on admissions?
A: No, attending a campus tour or university event does not have an impact on your admissibility.

Q: The date I want to attend is not showing on the RSVP form?
A:  If a tour date reaches capacity, it will be closed for additional RSVP’s and we will need you to select a different date.   The tour schedule is made available once our student’s semester schedules are known. The summer schedule for example, will be released in late April, early May.

Q: The times offered are not convenient for me?
A: Every effort is made to provide tour times that work for both our students and prospective student visitors, however most important is that our students primary energy is focused on successfully completing their coursework therefore, tour times are offered at times that do not interfere with their coursework or clinical assignments.