National Institutes of Health Career Development Awards
for Individuals with a Doctorate

Career Development Awards provide career development support to individuals with a research doctorate or a health-professional doctorate. Select funding opportunities are outlined below.

Funding Opportunities

Program Name Description Years Effort
K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award Career development in a new area of research 3 - 5 75%
K02 Independent Scientist Award Develop the career of a funded scientist 5 75%
K05 Senior Scientist Award For outstanding scientists with sustained level of high productivity 5 75%
K07 Academic Career Award Developmental/leadership in academic instruction, research, administration 2 - 5 25% - 75%
K08 Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award Development of the independent clinical research scientist 3 - 5 75%
K22 Career Transition Award To support transition to a faculty position 2 75%
K23 Mentored-Patient Oriented Research Career Development Award Development of the independent research scientist in the clinical area 3 - 5 75%

Please Note: All grant applications MUST BE reviewed by the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) prior to submission. Failure to have your application reviewed and processed by CNR may result in refusal of grant funds awarded.