The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Research Procedures

Institutional Procedures for Research Grant Proposal Approval

General Timeline for NIH Electronic Grants (pdf)

Specific Procedures

Faculty and staff must receive written approval of effort release from the department chair and/or center director, as appropriate, BEFORE pursuing grant funding. The approval, designating the percent effort that will be released for the project, if funded, is sent to the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) before accessing Center of Nursing Research services for grant preparation.

Per School of Nursing Policy S2570 (pdf) , grants with a Total Direct Cost of $100,000 or more per year will have a Mock Review of the application. The Mock Review process requires at least 4 weeks to prepare the application for review, review of the documents by peers, and the Mock Review session.

ALL grants must be approved by the School of Nursing administrators and by the institution. The process to document this review is the Review and Approval Form which requires signatures from the Principal Investigator, all Co-Investigators, Department Chairs, the School of Nursing Business Official, and the Dean's designees (ADR for Research and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Training grants). This process takes a minimum of one week for grants only involving the School of Nursing faculty and staff. For grants with faculty from more than one health science center school, this process may take two weeks or more.