Center for Nursing Research Faculty

Sandra M Branson, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Human-animal interactions (HAI)- Animal-Assisted Activities in clinical settings (hospital/forensic interviews); Pet ownership/pet attachment outcomes; Biobehavioral interactions (psychosocial, biological, environmental, and health outcomes) related to HAI; Canine responses to stress (HRV) during AAI. Academic research: Team-based learning

Amy O Calvin, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Advance Care, Planning End-of-life Care, Communication

Rebecca L Casarez, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC (Research Details)

Chronic Illness Management; technology to promote self-management

Christina N DesOrmeaux, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Tuberculosis, STIs, Diabetes

Joan C Engebretson, DrPH, AHN-BC, RN, FAAN (Research Details)

Culture, health promotion, health practices /behaviors, complementary/integrative therapies, Maternal child and woman’s health

Melissa D Ethington, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Health risk behaviors in youth, Prevention of type 2 diabetes and obesity in adolescents using nutrition education and promoting physical activity

Debra L Fowler, PhD, MBA, RN, CNE, NEA-BC, BCC (Research Details)

Nursing education, nursing leadership and administration

Martina R Gallagher, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Obesity Sleep Disturbance, Latino health disparities, Maternal child Health, Health Promotion

Deanna E Grimes, DrPH, RN, FAAN (Research Details)

Policy issues related to primary care nursing workforce, Patient self-management and adherence to treatment of an infectious disease such as HIV

Sandra K Hanneman, PhD, RN, FAAN (Research Details)

Prevention and management of pulmonary complications; circadian rhythms, biomarkers, mechanical ventilation weaning, physiological monitoring

Rebecca Jo Helmreich, PhD, PNNP, RN, WHNP-BC (Research Details)

Obesity, physiology, vagal response and psychosocial adaptation

Melanie M McEwen, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN (Research Details)

Nursing education issues – particularly related to curricular design.  Focus on RN-BSN programs and student outcomes; nursing theory construction and evaluation

Angela J Nash, PhD, CPNP-PC, PMHS (Research Details)

Substance Abuse and Recovery; Reducing Stigma and discrimination for patients with substance related health problems

Dorothy A Otto, MSN, EdD, RN, ANEF (Research Details)


Nikhil S Padhye, PhD (Research Details)

Aging, measures of complexity of biosignals, diet diversity, nonlinear dynamics of physiological systems, models of carcinogenesis

Sabrina L Pickens, PhD, MSN, GNP-BC, ANP-BC (Research Details)

Elder Abuse, Self-Neglect, Dementia, Executive Dysfunction, Caregivers, Frailty, Burden, Depression, Hospital Admissions/Readmissions

Bridgette R Pullis, PhD, RN, CHPN (Research Details)

End-of-life care; Pain and symptom management

Mary E Ross, DrPH, MSN, RN, GCNS-BC (Research Details)

Custodial Grand-parenting, Caregiving, Stress and Coping

Susan D Ruppert, PhD, RN, FNP-C, ANP-BC, FCCM, FNAP, FAANP, FAAN (Research Details)

Chronic disease/symptoms management in hypertension, CVD, or Diabetes

Jennifer E Sanner Beauchamp, PhD, RN (Research Details)

Identification and management of mood and anxiety disorders in chronic disease populations and informal caregivers

Diane M Santa Maria, DrPH, MSN, RN, PHNA-BC (Research Details)

Adolescent sexual health; HIV/STI prevention; teen pregnancy prevention; homeless and at-risk youth; parental protective factors for adolescent risk behaviors

Rebecca L Tsusaki, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, IBCLC (Research Details)

Physiologic maturity of suckling in breastfeeding late preterm infants

Diane Wardell, PhD, WHNP-BC (Research Details)

Complementary/integrative therapies using touch (Healing Touch)

Nancy F Weller, DrPh, MPH, MS, RN (Research Details)

Adolescent risk behavior research, End of life care, Recruitment/retention of ethnic minorities into primary care research

Geri L Wood, PhD, RN, FAAN (Research Details)

Oncology, Pediatrics and Adult, Symptom management