Center for Nursing Research
Biological Laboratory Services

The state-of-the-art CNR Bioscience Laboratory was designed using an open concept, with portable lab workbenches that allow flexibility in faculty and student research needs. The lab includes (1) tissue culture room with modular stacked CO2 incubator units, a refrigerated centrifuge, and two large laminar flow biological safety cabinets for sterile applications; (2) radioisotope room; (3) darkenable support lab; (4) hazardous materials room; (5) biological safety rooms with chemical fume hoods; and (6) freezer storage area for -80oC freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks connected to an alarm monitoring system.

A Millipore Milli-Q Synthesis water purification system provides high quality ultra pure water for all bioassays and procedures. In addition to standard laboratory equipment and supplies, the lab holds a Luminex Multiplex system 200, a Perkin Elmer Victor3 V Multilabel Plate Reader for use in immunoassays, a Perkin Elmer PlateWash Plus system for plate washing of 96- and 384-well microplates, a Jitterbug™ 37ºC Incubator/Shaker (Boekel Model 130000, Boekel Scientific), a Dionex high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine, a cell counter, and a Mettler-Toledo analytical balance for the precise measurement of chemicals, a refrigerated Sorvall centrifuge, and several microfuge centrifuges. In addition, a real time PCR (Taqman) system is available for gene expression analysis, and chemistry analyzer and hematology system are in place for a variety to hematology and chemistry analyses.

We provide service for analyzing a wide array of biological markers for our faculty and graduate students as well as analyzing the samples from the researchers outside the School of Nursing with a modest fee. Typical analyses include the measurements of various hormones, cytokines, and chemokines from saliva, serum, plasma, and cell supernatant.