Center for Nursing Research
Statistical Consultation

Support for UT-SON Grant-Funded Faculty Researchers

  • Statistical analysis of data generated from research studies
    • Biophysiological data, e.g. cortisol, melatonin
    • Survey data and tool development
    • Longitudinally measured variables, e.g. tumor size over time
    • Time series data, e.g. ECG, activity, temperature
  • Interpretation of results of analysis
  • Graphs and tables for data presentation
  • Statistical methods and results sections for journal manuscripts and poster abstracts

Support for UT-SON Faculty Researchers Seeking Grant Funding

  • Review of proposed research design
    • Calculation of sample size and power
    • Recommendation for sampling frequency in time series designs
  • Plan for data management
  • Plan for statistical analysis
  • Statistical methods section for grant proposals.

There is no charge for these services.  It is expected that a proposal will include a percentage of the statistician's salary in the budget.

Support for UT-SON Faculty and Student Researchers

Other Services

  • Randomization Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
    • Please cite the following article if you use the randomization spreadsheet: Padhye NS, Cron SG, Gusick GM, Hamlin SK, Hanneman SK. Randomization for clinical research: An easy-to-use spreadsheet method. Research in Nursing & Health. 2009 Oct;32(5):561-6. DOI: 10.1002/nur.20341

Please Note: All services provided by the CNR are customized to the individual needs of the Principal Investigators.