Typhon Information

Note: The information on this page is for MSN & BSN-DNP students. DNP students should visit the Typhon DNP page for information specific to their program.

Use the links on the right to log in to Typhon, submit a site or preceptor request, set up an account for yourself, or contact the support team.

If you are new to Typhon, we strongly suggest reviewing the Basics & FAQ page.

All site/preceptor requests must be submitted to your track director via the online form, who will then submit the request to us. Any requests received directly from students will not be processed.

Requesting access

  1. Complete the online account request form.
    • Use your UT email address on the form, as forms with outside addresses (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) will not be processed.
  2. Processing usually takes 5-7 days. You will be sent your login information via email when your account has been created.

Requesting a site or preceptor

  1. Check the Clinical Site and Preceptor directories on your Typhon home screen to see if your site and preceptor are already in the system
    • If both are listed no further action is necessary
    • If one or both are not listed you'll need to complete the request form in Step 2
    • If your site is listed but marked "Restricted" or if the address is different you MUST submit a request form and await approval
  2. Complete the site/preceptor request form.
    • Be sure to choose the correct Track Director and Typhon System for submission.
  3. The form goes first to the Track Director you selected on the form. When they have reviewed and approved your selections you will be copied on an email from your Track Director notifying us to add your site or preceptor.
    • If the site is in Typhon and you are just adding a preceptor, you are cleared to begin at that time. Your preceptor will be added in 7-10 days.
    • If you are adding a site or your site is "RESTRICTED," you must wait for confirmation that an agreement is in place before starting. Please note that adding a site can take several weeks, and you may not begin your rotation there until the process has been completed.