CSON Typhon for DNP Students

Requesting a site or preceptor

  1. Complete the Typhon site/preceptor request form.
  2. You will be notified via email when your site and/or preceptor have been added to the system.

Preceptor instructions

Please note the course number, utilizing the faculty assigned to the course as “Preceptor”, if a Practicum is chosen*.

  • Fellowship I - N6860B
  • Fellowship II - N6870B
  • Informatics Practicum - N6853*
  • Informatics Preceptorship I - N6840I
  • Informatics Preceptorship II - N6841I
  • NP/CNS Preceptorship I - N6840B
  • NP/CNS Preceptorship II - N6841B
  • Nurse Executive Practicum - N6859*
  • Nurse Executive Preceptorship I - N6840C
  • Nurse Executive Preceptorship II - N6841C

Site and Preceptor requests go to the DNP Program Director when you submit the form. The Director will forward the form (if necessary) for further processing, which can take as little as a few days for a preceptor alone to days or in some cases weeks if a new contract needs to be initiated with a clinical site.

All site/preceptor requests must be submitted via the online form. This is the only path to clear a DNP program site.