Typhon Site/Preceptor Request

Note: The information on this page is for MSN & BSN-DNP students. DNP students should visit the Typhon DNP page for information specific to their program.

Before completing this form, check the Site and Preceptor directories in Typhon to see if your desired selections are already listed. Links to the directories can be found in the right-hand column on your Typhon homepage.

Site Status

  • When confirming status in the directory, please check for your specific site. Do not select that your site is in Typhon simply because the business has another location already in the system. Many businesses do not have contracts that cover all locations, so any site that does not have a location listed in Typhon at the physical address of your clinic needs to be marked as "not in Typhon" so that we can verify coverage. Failure to select this option properly will cause delays in processing your request.
  • If your site is in Typhon, please be sure your request form uses the site name as it appears in Typhon. If your location is listed in the directory but the address has changed, please select that status option.

Preceptor Information

  • Please be sure you have accurate license information for your preceptor. Inaccurate or incomplete information will cause delays in processing your request
    • If you are adding a preceptor, all fields in that section are required.
    • For Texas nursing licenses, use the Advanced Practice license number. It will either begin with "AP" followed by six digits, or be a seven-digit number.
Student Information
Site Information
Preceptor Information
Typhon Information

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