Typhon Basics & FAQ

This information will introduce you to Typhon Group's Nurse Practitioner Student Tracking System, also called NPST. It is an internet-based system, so you can log in from anywhere you have internet access.

You will choose the data entry login for the program you are in. You should have received your login information which was sent to your University email account. This email with your password and username was sent using the Typhon system and will be addressed from the Typhon Coordinator, along with a direct link to the login page. Be sure to bookmark this login page for future reference. Then, just enter your login and password information and press log in to continue.

In case you forget your login and password, to the right of the password box is a link that says "Forgot Login or Password". All you have to do is click on this link and enter your e-mail address and press submit. The system will verify that you are a student and will immediately e-mail your login and password information to you.

Next you should start the first tutorial video. The video will show everything that the NPST System offers. You will have access to these videos that you can watch on your own once you have access to the system. The video assumes you have logged in to the system already.

  • The very first time you log in to the system, you will be forced to set up your default choices. This includes your current course, semester, preceptor and clinical site. If your preceptor or site is not listed, e-mail the faculty. You can choose another item temporarily until your item is added to the system, then go back and edit the cases to pick the correct item.
  • There is a learning curve... this is a lot of information to collect. Most students from other schools say that the first two to three days it may take 5-10 minutes to enter each encounter, but that drastically drops by the end of the first week and by the end of the second week that time is less than half that per encounter.
  • You should always try to enter today's cases TODAY - don't wait until the end of the week to enter them. If you average 5 minutes per encounter, and 10 encounters per day times 5 days per week... do the math and you'll spend most of your weekend entering cases -- NOT GOOD! Get ahead of the learning curve and you'll be online less than 30 - 45 minutes per day by the end of the first month.
  • The UTHealth compliance officer requires students to enter the date[s] of patient visits as the SUNDAY before the weekday(s) the patient was seen. For instance, if you are in clinical on Wednesday, June 21st, the date the patient was seen and the date of the encounter is documented as June 18th. If you are in clinical more than one day that week use the preceding SUNDAY as the date of the encounter. Always use the SUNDAY date to document the date of the patient visits or encounters.
  • When you complete your data entry for the day, be sure to log out. This ends your session on the server. If you are at a community computer (like a clinical site or a library), it's also a good idea to log out, plus close the Internet Browser. This will prevent the next person from pressing the "back" button to see what you did.
  • If you have a technical problem with the system, go to your HELP section and click "Instructions and Video Tutorials". There, just under the tutorial links you will find a technical support link. Fill out the support request form and Typhon Group will respond to you directly by the next business day. If you have a clinical question, or an item is missing in a drop down list, contact the faculty.

Frequently asked questions

  • I can’t remember all the information I’m supposed to enter. Can I print off a blank Log sheet?
    • Go to the Data Entry Section Menu
    • Look for the Help Section
    • Click on Blank Case Log Worksheet
    • Print
  • When I view my Time Log report it doesn’t show all the time I spent in clinical.
    • Each day you are in clinical you will spend time in activities that are not directly related to time spent with the patient or the preceptor.
    • Go to the Main Menu
    • Look for Time and Conference Log
    • Click Enter/Edit Daily Time Log
    • Choose the appropriate course [if default is set this will come up automatically]
    • The blue section is automatically entered from your case logs for each patient.
    • Fill in the white sections for the other clinical activities. At the end of the day, the time log should reflect all the time spent in clinical that day where 480 minutes = 8 hours. You will often spend more than 8 hours in a setting and your Daily Time Log should reflect this.
    • In the end, your Time Log Report for each course must at least equal the time required. For instance, the clinical courses are usually 90 hours and preceptorship is 405 hours.
  • Why isn’t there a choice for Educational Conferences in the Daily Time Log?
    • The American Nurses Credentialing Center, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and the Texas Board of Nursing do not recognize educational conferences as clinical experiences. In the event that your records are audited or requested by credentialing or licensing bodies you will be able to show that your clinical experiences were devoted exclusively to patient care activities.
  • What am I supposed to do the Edit/View Clinical Conference Log?
    • The Clinical Conference Log is there for your convenience to enter clinical educational conferences you attend while you are a student. These conferences include but are not limited to morning or noon educational conferences, professional meetings [Houston Area NPs], dinner meetings sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. The faculty encourages you to attend these meetings as they are good opportunities for networking with your colleagues.
  • When I started the new semester my course didn’t show up anymore. Where is it?
    • Go the main menu.
    • Look for Help.
    • Click on Set Up Defaults. Choose your courses, preceptor, and site from the list. You will need to do this each semester and as you change preceptors.