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photo of Nikhil Padhye

Nikhil S. Padhye



Department of Research

Dr. Padhye received his PhD in physics from the University of Texas at Austin and he is currently Professor with tenure at Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston. Dr. Padhye teaches courses in statistics and data science. His expertise is in statistical modeling and machine learning methods, with an interest in applications of nonlinear dynamics to physiological data and systems. His research interests are influenced by his many collaborations with UTHealth Houston researchers, leading to publications about stem cell transplants, dietary diversity, mHealth, ecological momentary assessment, heart rate variability, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, traumatic brain injury, circadian rhythms, Bayesian estimation of false negative rate of PCR tests for COVID-19, etc. One thread that runs through many of his works involves measuring the complexity of biosignals using entropy of their information content. Two of his publications have shed light on the connection between entropy of abdominal temperature time series and occurrence of pressure injuries.


The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
May 1998

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
May 1994

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India
May 1987

Clinical/Research Focus

Dr. Padhye is interested in assessment of complexity of physiological systems through measurement of entropy of time series data. His work in this focus area has shown that lower levels of entropy of abdominal temperature signals are associated with the occurrence of pressure injuries in nursing facility residents.