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UT System goes LIVE with new LIMS

UT System goes LIVE with new LIMS

UT System goes LIVE with new LIMS
UT System goes LIVE with new LIMS

The UT System Health Biobank (UTSHB) Consortium Common Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is now available for use by investigators at UTHSC Houston and UTMB.  The UT System Common LIMS uses commercial software to provide LIMS functionality to UT investigators:

  • Inventory management: You will always know where each biospecimen is stored throughout its entire lifecycle
  • Data integrity and consistency:
    • Standardized data elements and permissible values
    • Custom data elements can be added for each study, including permissible values
    • All team members use the same integrated platform
  • Data is stored in a searchable database that includes a sophisticated data query tool
  • Custom forms: Define and create forms specific to your study
  • Security:
    • Data visibility is determined by the role assigned to each user by the study PI
    • User accounts leverage the UT Federated Single Sign On system
  • Compliance: Organization and automation help drive compliance by providing a standard framework
  • Integration: Can be integrated with other electronic data systems
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Cloud-based, no dedicated IT team required, automated upgrades, no need to install software on individual workstations
  • Business continuity: Backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Support: Provided by local Common LIMS experts (see Institute Administrators below) and the vendor

UT researchers can contact their Common LIMS Institute Administrator (listed below) or the UT System Health Biobank email ([email protected]) to discuss onboarding studies.  Studies can be in any phase of specimen /data collection and Institute Administrators will work with study personnel to set up their projects in the Common LIMS.

Institute Administrators:

Join our mailing list (UT email addresses only) by sending a request to [email protected] and check out our website ( for more information.

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