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Cizik School of Nursing’s admission policy makes explicit the multiplicity of factors taken into consideration in the admissions process. These admission factors are not assigned a specific weight or point value. The School of Nursing considers the totality of each application and gives consideration to the following factors:


  • Intellectual capacity, based on consideration of the overall collegiate GPA; standardized test scores (GRE, TOEFL); academic awards and honors; scholarly accomplishments; degree of difficulty of previous academic programs; pre-professional evaluations; personal interview; and any other relevant data submitted;
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, i.e., evidence of being well-written and well- spoken exemplified by standardized test scores in verbal abilities; any other relevant considerations that the student may present;
  • Community service, as evidenced by extracurricular activities, membership and leadership in organizations, volunteer, and humanitarian services;
  • Awareness and direct knowledge of cultural elements’ impact on healthcare;
  • Breadth and depth of nursing and other experiences, based on consideration of factors in the record reflecting a combination of a strong scientific background and an ability to understand the complex problems facing health care providers and patients, e.g., ethical or socioeconomic problems;
  • Potential for service to the State of Texas, with consideration given to Texas residency; applicant’s goals for the future; cultural/socioeconomic status; potential for future provision of health services to underserved areas or needed specialties; linguistic skills appropriate to the Health Professions Shortage Area to which the applicant wishes to serve;
  • Motivation, with consideration given to success in overcoming adverse economic or educational conditions; employment history; participation in activities requiring time management skills; experience in health-related activities;
  • Integrity, with consideration given to any academic integrity violation; conduct or disciplinary problems in college and/or the workplace;
  • Technical standards, related to observation, communication, timeliness of psychomotor skills, intellectual and cognitive abilities, behavioral and social attributes; and
  • Ethical standards, related to personal and professional demeanor and behavior.