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Advisor Assignment Process 

  • Each student enrolled in the School of Nursing is assigned a faculty advisor.
  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Department Chairs determine which faculty will serve as advisors to students. The advisors are assigned advisees based on their percent effort of time and their experience in advising.

Advisor/Advisee Interaction 

  • Incoming students will be assigned a faculty advisor in conjunction with appropriate Department Chair recommendations. (Doctoral students should see policies D7600 (for PhD students - pdf) and D8010 (for DNP students - pdf).
  • The student will have an advisor for the duration of enrollment.
  • Students are responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with their advisors.
  • Students must contact their advisors prior to changing their planned program of study. 

Change of Advisor 

The advisor or the advisee may petition the Student Affairs Office, in writing, for a change of advisor. After a change is made, the Student Affairs Office will notify each party. Doctoral students may petition the appropriate doctoral council for a change of advisor.

Policies Regarding Academic Advisement 

  • S1510 (pdf) Faculty Advisors Policy
  • G5320 (pdf) Degree Plan – MSN
  • D7600 (pdf) Doctoral Student Academic Advisement
  • D010 (pdf) DNP Advisement Policy