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Aging Studies by Carina Katigbak, PhD, ANP-BC

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Stroke Providers’ Screening Practices for Informal Caregiver Elder Mistreatment and Neglect

  • Team: Principal Investigator: Carina Katigbak, PhD, ANP-BC. Co-investigators: Seema Aggarwal, PhD, RN, AGNP-C, and Carolyn Pickering, PhD, RN, at Cizik School of Nursing, as well as Professor Sean Savitz, MD, and Associate Professor Jason Burnett, PhD, from McGovern Medical School.
  • Funding: The Speros Martel Endowment for the Aging Geriatric Nursing Research Scholarship
  • Overview: This study will assess how health care providers screen for elder mistreatment amongst stroke survivors and their caregivers. Learn more.

Care Matters: Using Ecological Momentary Assessment & Heart Rate Variability Monitoring to Identify the Timing and Experience of Caregivers' Stress

  • Team: Principal Investigator: Carina Katigbak, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FAHA, Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston; Co-investigators: Sahiti Myneni, PhD, UTHealth Houston School of Biomedical Informatics; Jessica Lee, MD, McGovern Medical School.
  • Funding: $40,000 Aging in Place Research Award
  • Overview: This study aims to capture stress reactivity by employing heart rate variability monitoring and ecological momentary assessment methods amongst caregivers of older adults. Learn more.