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photo of Higinio Fernández-Sánchez

Higinio Fernández-Sánchez


Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Research

Dr. Higinio Fernández-Sánchez, a multicultural researcher, humbly acknowledges that he resides on Indigenous land- and as a migrant, he deeply respects the histories, languages, and cultures of these Indigenous peoples.

Dr. Fernández-Sánchez's doctoral work in Canada, funded by the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through the Vanier Scholarship, and the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute, delved into the complexities of return migration and women who remain behind. He passionately addresses multifaceted social inequalities and injustices, employing an intersectional lens to explore the unique experiences of migrants from diverse backgrounds. His research focuses on Equity in Migration and Health Policies and Practices, emphasizing global health, policy, and social justice.

Dr. Fernández-Sánchez's scholarly contributions include over 30 peer-reviewed articles across nursing and non-nursing journals. He is also recognized as a reviewer for esteemed journals like The Lancet Regional Health - the Americas and the International Journal of Qualitative Methods. In recognition of his exceptional dedication and contributions to the field, Dr. Fernández-Sánchez has received several awards, including the prestigious Houston Chronicle accolade as a Top 15 Nurse in 2023 and the Bronze Good Samaritan Award in the same year. His unwavering commitment to promoting health equity and social justice continues to shape his impactful work and contributions to the field of nursing and beyond.


The University of Alberta, Canada

Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico 

Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX
Associate Degree in Science

Clinical/Research Focus

Dr. Fernández-Sánchez's expertise lies at the intersection of social inequalities and injustices, particularly within communities in context of marginalization and migrant populations. He is not merely a researcher but an activist, driven to confront discrimination and oppression, recognizing that these issues are deeply rooted in factors such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Dr. Fernández-Sánchez advocates for migrant rights and dedicates himself to dismantling systemic barriers that hinder inclusivity and justice for underserved groups. His approach, guided by an intersectional perspective, enables a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals during their migration journey and in accessing healthcare. Dr. Fernández-Sánchez's research focuses on Equity in Migration and Health Policies and Practices, emphasizing global health, policy, and the pursuit of social justice and equity.