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Advanced Technology for Clinical Experiences

The Simulation and Clinical Performance Laboratory (Sim Lab) at Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston uses advanced technology to enable students to practice a variety of clinical scenarios from childbirth to emergency medicine.

Using lifelike patient manikins, virtual-reality simulators, and other state-of-the-art technology, students get hands-on experience with low-occurrence, high-acuity situations to learn skills before working with real patients.

Expanded and remodeled in 2019, the Sim Lab is located on the fourth floor of Cizik School of Nursing. It is capable of supporting learning experiences for 1,000 undergraduate students and 1,100 graduate students annually.

The rooms are modifiable to allow for patient-centered training in wide variety of health care environments, from home visits to intensive care units. Its 27,000 square feet of space contains six high-acuity rooms simulating the hospital environment, four debriefing rooms, 14 patient exam rooms, and a home health apartment.

From a centralized audio/visual control room, faculty members or preceptors can monitor students, lead scenarios, and operate high-tech robotic “patients.”