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If you receive a notification that a "hold" has been placed on your account, this means one or more of the steps required for admission or registration have not been completed. You will see one or more of the “hold” codes indicated below when log into your applyUTH account (prior to acceptance) or your myUTH account (after acceptance). Click hyperlinks on the code abbreviations to learn more about what you need to do to remove the hold. 

The code guide below explains what common codes mean, what is missing, and how to resolve the issue.

Account hold code key

  • NAD – Nursing Admissions Hold
    • Reason: Documentation of your required immunizations and certifications on are not file with Cizik School of Nursing, or there is a compliance issue related to your criminal background check or drug screening requirements.

    • Resolution:

      • Check E*Value or EXXAT (depending on your academic program and admission date), and make sure you have uploaded the required documentation of your immunizations and certifications. If you have questions, call 713-500-4325.
      • Contact Student Affairs if you have questions about your criminal background check or drug screening results.
  • RIM - Immunization and Health Form Hold (myUTH)
    • Reason: Your required immunization and health information is incomplete in myUTH .
    • Resolution: Review these requirements and instructions for providing documentation to UTHealth Houston via myUTH.
  • RFF - Residency Questions Form Hold
    • Reason: The Core Residency Questionnaire is missing from your documentation. This form is required to determine eligibility for in-state tuition.
    • Resolution: Complete the form. Paper copies are available through the Registrar’s Office.