Student Affairs Office

The mission of the Student Affairs Office is to assist students in successfully attaining their academic goals as a nursing student by providing timely and accurate information, quality service, and personal guidance. The Student Affairs Office serves as the central "hub" for the services that will assist students from the time they apply through graduation. The services and support systems offered include:

  • Recruiting activities for all programs
  • Processing of applicant documents
  • Conducting orientation for all new students
  • Providing financial and scholarship information
  • Planning commencement activities
  • Processing academic affairs and progression issues
  • Providing academic advisors
  • Providing degree plans
  • Clearing and certifying all students for graduation

Director and Staff

Diana J Pressley, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Student Affairs (Email)

Kristi J Rodriguez, M.Ed

Director, Recruitment and Alumni Affairs (Email)

Christina Carrozza, BS

Administrative Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment (Email)

Sharron D Haimour, MT(ASCP)

Coordinator III, Educational Programs (Email)

JoAnn Mendoza

Administrative Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment (Email)

Keuchie M Reed

Senior Administrative Coordinator, Student Services (Email)

Tamika R Tyler-Smith, BS

Administrative Manager (Email)

Amy E Wagner, BS

Administrative Coordinator (Email)

Tarsha S Young

Senior Administrative Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment (Email)