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Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston is transitioning from the E*Value system to the EXXAT system for documentation of required immunization and health screenings. 

  • All new students admitted from Fall 2023 forward will submit their documentation through EXXAT and will continue using EXXAT until they graduate. Most graduate students who began their programs recently are using EXXAT and will continue to do so.
  • Current students who initially submitted immunization documentation via E*Value when they first enrolled at Cizik School of Nursing will continue using E*Value until they graduate. 

Failing to upload and maintain current immunization and certification records can delay, or in some cases bar, students from registering or maintaining enrollment in courses. 


What to do before accessing E*Value

Do not access E*Value on a mobile device or smart phone. You must be on a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection. Prior to accessing E*Value, please have the following information available: 

  • Your MyUTH User ID and password. 
  • Read through the immunization requirements listed on the new student website.
  • Copies of all documents in PDF format that confirm you have met the requirements. Please make sure that the provider name and contact information are visible on the document.
  • All certifications required for your specific program such as BCLS, ACLS, RN license, etc. 
  • The RN license and Hepatitis B Series 1 and 2 are the only items that require an expiration date; all other fields will default with the appropriate expiration date.
  • All items must be up to date from the start to the end of the semester. Items that expire during the semester will not be accepted.

How to request a review of your records

Files are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Average processing time is three business days; however, this can be longer during peak periods, including the first week of registration and as the start of the term approaches. 


Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccination required? 
A: At this time, the COVID-19 vaccination is not required to enroll at UTHealth, however vaccination is strongly encouraged. In some instances, clinical sites and preceptors may require the vaccination to participate in clinical activities. If you are notified that a site requires the COVID-19 vaccination, you will be able to upload the information into E*Value. 

Q: Can I have my immunizations administered on campus? 
A: Yes, newly admitted and current students can utilize UTHealth Student Health Services. Information regarding hours of operation, scheduling, and pricing is available online. 

Q: What information needs to be listed on my clinical record? 
A: All clinical records must display patient name, birth date, and physician's name, as well as the clinic name and address. Please ensure that the record is current for the duration of the term. Immunizations that expire before the end of the semester will not be accepted.  

Q: What is a titer? 
A: A titer is a laboratory test measuring the existence of level of antibodies to disease in blood. A titer lab report is generated by the lab that tested the blood sample and must include the test type, exact values, signature, and date.  

Q: If my CPR card expires before the end of the semester, do I have to get recertified before I register for courses?
A: Yes, your CPR card must be current through the end of the semester for which you are attempting to enroll. 

Q: Can I submit partial records for review, or do I need to wait until the full record is uploaded? 
A: At the time the records review request is submitted, all documentation must be submitted. Reviews cannot be conducted for partial records.  

Q: I am having problems accessing E*Value.
A: Please review tips on accessing E*Value. 

Q: What do I do if there are no tasks listed in E*Value?
A: Please review Locating Immunization and Certification Requirements in E*Value.